We work closely with our clients, understand their business requirement and suggest multiple options to help them get online so they can expand their business and justify the expense.

Web Services

Every business today requires a web presence. Your website is a critical aspect of promoting your business and filtering inquiries. A website plays multiple roles for a business. It is your front office, your back-end and your communication platform for existing and potential clients. It is the face of your company.

We work closely with our clients, understand their business requirement and suggest multiple options to help them get online so they can expand their business and justify the expense of a website.

At # we are determined to give you the best platform to interact with your target audience!

Mobile Applications

Over the last decade there has been a steady increase in the use of mobiles to access the internet. Many businesses have taken advantage of this trend by offering users a mobile application. This ensures that the users get the relevant information without navigating out of your range of offerings. A robust, well designed and easy-to-navigate app is the key to customer retention. Every satisfied user then becomes a part of your marketing team. We begin our development process by getting to know your company, understanding your business and researching your target audience.

At # we believe that your satisfaction is the only way for us to achieve our goals.

Social Media Marketing & SEO

Having a web presence - as important as it may be - is not enough. There are hundreds of companies offering similar services online. Making your website rank high on search engines and visible across multiple social media platforms is critical in capturing a large market share. We have a team with expertise across multiple platforms to make sure your business is well promoted to your target audience.

At # we know just how critical it is to capture market share to survive in a competitive environment.

Branding & Advertising

The function of advertising is to persuade the consumer to buy products of a particular brand rather than that of its competitor. These persuasions can be rational - logical and fact-based arguments, or irrational - tapping emotions and creating a feel good factor. Branding uses the irrational persuasion tactic to create a pact or understanding between the advertiser and the consumer that is based on a promise of satisfying experiences from the use of the brand. It attempts to create an internal perception of trust for the brand. Our visual media team focuses on creating a compelling and cohesive blend of your brand and associated promotions. Designing your logo, banners, posters, corporate presentations and stationary into one seamless entity, making your brand name your most valuable asset.

At # we are keenly tuned to the fact that your brands impact determines our bottom line as well.

Printing & Publication

In its seventh year now, our magazine - CITY 365 - is designed and printed in-house. The magazine is a combination of lifestyle and directory services and is the first choice of residents and tourists to Pondicherry. Local businesses - restaurants, hotels, boutiques and event managers - have found CITY 365 to be an invaluable marketing tool. We also have the distinction of being the preferred magazine of the Department of Tourism, Government of Puducherry for destination promotion at International road shows.

At # we make sure that our growth creates opportunities for our clients as well. We are proud to be an inclusive business house.